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"Chloe's Complete Chocolate Coverage"
This is a superb scene. As always, it's wonderful seeing Chloe get completely covered. The chocolate batter used here is a perfect thicker consistency, as well. You can't go wrong with any of Chloe's wetlook or messy videos (this one combines both elements), and this is one of the very best yet. Purchase it and don't look back.

WAMOptimist93 6/21/23
"Excellent film from one of my favourite wammers"
Excellent films. Chloe is a beautiful mature lady who obviously enjoys herself as she gets her sexy clean outfit filthy with mud. Really sexy as she opens her muddy blouse to reveal her bra clad ample breasts. She spends a good chunk of the film with her hand down her panties enjoying herself a bit too much! I recommend everyone buys this film. Hopefully it will encourage her to make many more films. I vote for a cake sitting video in black miniskirt and white panties!

MessyForever 3/10/23
"Phenomenal Foray Into Mud by Chloe"
I'll start off by saying that this was a custom order of mine with Chloe, my very first and (if I can help it) certainly not the last. Chloe was incredibly attentive to detail and kept up excellent communication throughout the process, updating me on the status periodically and making sure she got the details (such as clothing and camera angles, etc.) exactly right. The experience was stress-free and, dare I say, enjoyable. On to the scene! I have a thing for women in business attire, including (but not limited to) men's business attire, especially to the point of getting naughty in it. In this case, upon my request, Chloe acquired black socks, dark gray pants, and a white men's formal. Unconsciously, I suppose the idea of a businesswoman/office worker coming home from a long day of work with possibly many hours spent in shoes/on her feet, only to unwind by trashing her outfit and masturbating, appealed to me greatly. After sampling some of Chloe's wetlook work and seeing how she stealthily incorporates masturbating/orgasming while not going fully explicit, I knew I had to order a scene like this from her. Mud made from potting soil was also a request of mine just to keep it simple (and I also like the darker color), plus it puts me in mind of the mud Mrs. Cc from Custard Couple (who Chloe reminds me of) sometimes uses. I love how she starts off dipping her socks in it and then proceeds to completely coat herself, rubbing it on her face and changing the color of her shirt. Once she works her way underneath her pants, the rest is history. Chloe maintains eye contact while occasionally breathing "Oh yeah" as she becomes progressively hornier, and occasionally flashes her pearly white teeth in readily apparent pleasure. Chloe informed me that she gets even more aroused filming custom content, as she knows someone specifically requested it to enjoy, a fact that makes each subsequent re-watch that much better for me. I'm also happy knowing that this scene can now help others get there, too, while simultaneously supporting one of the best WAM producers here on Umd. This is an instant all-time favorite WAM film for me.

WAMOptimist93 3/9/23
"Oh, My!"
I guess you can say wetlook is a sub-fetish of WAM that I definitely have. I don't buy wetlook content as frequently, so when I do it has to be really stand-out material. Such is the case for Chloe's latest scene.

The scene would already be erotic seeing the tight, wet, see-through clothing sticking to Chloe's body. But what really amps it up is the sensual way she gazes at the camera lens, maintaining eye contact with the viewer. There's a voyeuristic aspect of the scene, but where Chloe obviously wants us watching her and getting off to her getting off. She manages to get herself off with the shower head again while very cleverly keeping the video from going into full explicit territory. This kind of teasing and clever positioning of her body and hands is extremely erotic. Even typing this review, my body temperature is elevated as I think about key moments in this scene. Fs Chloe is one of the most exciting producers of WAM working today.

WAMOptimist93 2/24/23
"A visual delight!"
UMD is very fortunate to have the frequent poster and content creator Fs Chloe her significant other Billie as members of this community.

I always enjoy Chloe's posts. She posted a series of pics of her in a red blouse black skirt that contained one of the most intriguing pie pics I've seen. Chloe always seems to enjoy herself in the media that she posts and you can tell she has a true love of Wam. Her long dark hair and figure coupled with her sense of fun are very appealing.

I decided to purchase this video of her oil and foam combination. Chloe slowly and sensually coats her white tank top white jeans with oil while bra less. That alone presents quite the visual. Billie from off camera adds to the visual excitement by creating foam pies which end up in her pretty face as well as other various enticing places. All of this followed up by Chloe taking a nice long shower. All in all quite the visual delight!

Piethro2 2/17/23
"Floored at How Sexy This Is"
Another rare pure wetlook purchase from me, and I couldn't be happier with it. This scene would be worth it at double the price. Chloe's short skirt and sweater are already very sexy, and it's not long before the sweater is wet and we see her nipples underneath. Chloe ends the video with a special wash in her more "sensitive" area without going full-on XXX, and the scene does not lose an ounce of erotic appeal for it. The fact that it is just on the line makes it that much hotter. Also, I have to confess that I took a shower after watching this scene, and I used the hand-held showerhead's water directly on my man "bits." Needless to say, I can attest to the sensations Chloe demonstrates in this scene being wholly earned.

WAMOptimist93 1/29/23
"Wonderful Erotically-charged Wetlook"
This is just the second scene from Chloe I've watched (the first being the polka dot dress scene) but the first I've reviewed. I've purchased very few pure wetlook scenes in the past, but I definitely find it sexy seeing wet clothes sticking tight to a woman's body. With wetlook, the more clothes, the sexier it is in my book.

Firstly, I have to complement the overhead camera angle. Very impressed at how it was pulled off, and it's not something you see in many WAM scenes, so this immediately stood apart. Chloe is a very sexually desirable woman, and her clothes are great, especially the leather look trousers. What we have here is a slower, sensual scene where Chloe eventually works her hands into her pants. She keeps all the clothes on, but you can see a bit of her underwear and see her get very visibly horny. It is completely authentic and feels very impromptu, with works in its favor. The fact that all the clothes stay on also works for the scene as it is more of a tease, making it all the more sexy. I'm almost shocked this is a name-your-price scene for how all-around excellent it is! Needless to say, Chloe and Billie have a fan in me.

WAMOptimist93 1/29/23
"That outfit was absolutely gorgeous"
Very nice scene. Beautiful outfit she was wearing love the wet t-shirt an pants. Chloe has very beautiful long dark hair I love it. Love that she was braless also she has a beautiful body.

poncho 1/12/23
"That outfit was absolutely gorgeous"
Was a very good video.Can't beat Blue Jeans an a white tank top wet.I loved how she wet her long beautiful dark hair an let it fall in front of her face an let it there for a while. I love that when women let there wet her cover there face that is so sexy.

poncho 1/11/23
"Excellent does not do it Justice. Chloe was beyond awesome."
Hi. Excellent as a rating does not begin to cover how I felt after watching this, a second custom, done by Chloe and Billie. I wrote the storyline as a Blog and the job that Chloe and Billie die was wonderful. I will be posting the blog in the next day or two and I have already given Chloe permission to sell the video as a scene. I want to share this amazing scene with everyone. I don't know how much they are going to charge, but take my word, it will be worth it.

vols4everus 1/11/23
"Simple, messy, and to the point"
Chloe is getting slathered with lots of chocolate, and she seems to have a lot of fun in the process. Not much of a story to it, which is fine by me. No nudity; just a cute lady in casual wear, barefoot in a kiddie pool. This was pretty fun. There is a photoset attached to the download, so you can see post-mess images.

deadpool 12/12/22
"Exciting leggins wetlook scene"
Exciting to see Chloe taking great pleasure in making this video... the leather leggings and the little blouse are exciting to see when they are soaked, more over, Chloe wears beautiful sexy little boots which makes the scene even more exciting to watch... an exciting wetlook scene...

stan1953 12/4/22
"Great wetlook scene"
Very nice wetlook scene, beautiful and sexy black dress and well accompanied by nylon stockings and small short boots... exciting to see the bubbles when the boots are in the water and during the filming of the video... Chloe is very sensual in this video... and it's exciting to see Chloe having fun doing it... exciting to see the nylons and boots soaking and how shiny they are...

stan1953 12/4/22
"Great dry to wet scene for leather fans"
Great dry to wet scene for leather fans. Leather pants had an amazing color change. Wet suede... wow, so clingy & shiny. Suede is pretty much ruined when it gets sopping wet, rare to see wet suede even from producers.

shepushedmein 11/9/22
"Just sensational So natural I need a Chloe in my life"
What can I say, sensational Chloe at her very best. A must have video. Chloe is obviously a wet clothes fan and very sexy.

wet tim 6/28/22
"Great video well worth it Chloecnatual wet fan"
Great video well worth getting for the wet clothes fan Chloe is very natural hot lady. Friendly too.

wet tim 6/21/22
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